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de no·vo /de ˈnōvō / – starting from the beginning; anew; afresh.

DeNovo Swiss watch brand was born from the love of classic wrist machines. We embarked on a mission to bring the flare of Italian Design and the quality of Swiss watch making right to your wrist. Each DeNovo timepiece demonstrates our quest for perfection and synergy of material, shape and functionality.

Italian Design – Swiss Made

DeNovo brings you the best of both worlds – an upbeat, colorful and appealing Italian style and flare, assembled by world renowned Swiss watchmakers. With passion for fashion and patient attention to details, a DeNovo timepiece is a true collaboration of artisans and watch meisters.

From Drawing Boards to Reality

It took 3 years from the first day we thought of introducing a high quality affordable watch to the spectacular brand launch in the Swiss Alps. Three long years of R&D, design, prototype manufacturing, and strict quality control processes. It took a long time to get there, but when we picked up our heads we were right where we wanted to be – DeNovo Swiss can now offer you a high quality Italian-Swiss watch, at an affordable price. The Quantum! To commemorate this great achievement we embarked on a journey through the origins of the newly born brand. A convoy of 20 Porsche Carrera 911 Cabriolets roared through the heart of Europe in celebration of the event!

The Design Studio

Soriani Designs, Pesaro, Italy

The Laboratory

RTC, Stabio, Switzerland

DeNovo-Porsche Launch

The Alps

The Quantum Collection

DeNovo is happy to introduce to you our first collection – the Quantum. With a variety of options to choose from, one of these beautiful timepieces will perfectly match your wrist and your style! From the sporty rubber color collection to the classic Italian Leather straps, we left the hardest job of them all to you – which one???


DeNovo Swiss Logo

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